Fix and Flip

Created to meet the demands of the Pacific Northwest market, Property Group NW understands the value of service excellence and convenience. We take the busy work out of sifting through the massive lists of properties by carefully selecting the homes for sale with the highest profit potential. No more browsing public property websites for hours comparing asking price to after renovation value or manually estimating profit potential with a calculator. Our Brokers scan the current for-sale properties to find the ones with the most potential. 

After a property has been flipped and an investor chooses to sell it on the market, Property Group NW will list your investment with our highest quality of listing services we provide.   

Property Address

7007 SE 28th Ave., Portland, OR, 97202

Purchase for $413,000 on 3/19/2020
Sold for $805,000 on 8/26/2020
Property Address

16935 SE Mill St., Portland, OR, 97233

Purchase for $217,145 on 5/6/2020
Sold for $325,000 on 7/20/2020
Property Address

4038 SE Madison St., Portland, OR, 97214

Purchase for $282,000 on 2/21/2020
Sold for $680,000 on 7/7/2020
Property Address

4516 SE 45th Ave., Portland, OR, 97206

Purchase for $256,000 on 12/12/2019
Sold for $476,000 on 6/18/2020
Property Address

11719 SE Boise St., Portland, OR, 97266

Purchase for $205,000 on 3/12/2020
Sold for $352,500 on 6/9/2020
Property Address

8111 SE 64th Ave., Portland, OR, 97206

Purchase for $190,000 on 3/20/2020
Sold for $325,000 on 6/5/2020
Property Address

12622 SE 27th Ave., Portland, OR, 97222

Purchase for $181,245 on 12/16/2019
Sold for $340,000 on 6/1/2020
Property Address

704 NE Killingsworth Ct., Portland, OR, 97211

Purchase for $280,000 on 1/20/2020
Sold for $500,000 on 5/29/2020
Property Address

10627 NE Fargo St., Portland, OR, 97220

Purchase for $275,000 on 1/13/2020
Sold for $465,000 on 4/7/2020
Property Address

5703 SE Lambert St., Portland, OR, 97206

Purchase for $163,000 on 1/8/2020
Sold for $315,000 on 4/3/2020