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10 Things To Do In Lake Oswego

Looking for something fun to do in Lake Oswego? Start here with our 10 favorite things to do in Lake Oswego!

As one of Oregon's most desirable cities, it is no surprise that Lake Oswego offers people from all over plenty to do throughout the entire year. Whether you are looking for shopping, restaurants, arts, music, or anything else, Lake Oswego has so much to offer. So let's get into our top 10 things to do in Lake Oswego.

The Lake Oswego Farmer Market is one of the best in the entire Portland Metro area, featuring around 80 vendors throughout 22 weeks of the year. From May 7th to October 1st you can stop by every Saturday between 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. Vendors line this popular market each week to offer an unbelievable range of local products. It's not just farmers at this market! Of course, you'll still find local produce and farm-grown goodies, but you can also find plenty of hot food being served up, alongside baked goods, beverages, artists, craftspeople, non-profits, and more. To top it all off, you can enjoy live music every time the market is open between 10:30 am and 12:30 pm. This should be on the top of everyone's list!

The George Rogers Park sits on 26 acres on the corner of Ladd and South State Street in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego. This sprawling green space provides families with plenty to do without the park feeling overly crowded. The site includes two baseball fields, a soccer field, two tennis courts, playground space, a garden area, restrooms, picnic tables, and even direct access to the Willamette River. Not to mention tons of natural areas and pathways to walk down and enjoy! If you want to enjoy some time outside while in the downtown area this is the perfect spot to stop and is one of the best parks in the city!

Enjoy a summer full of live music! Lake Oswego has free music each week during the summer from the beginning of July until the end of August. Hosted at the various parks in the city, you can enjoy a concert every Wednesday and Saturday. Along with the great music, you can treat yourself to some great food at one of the many vendors that service these venues. This is great fun for the whole family, and they even allow adults to bring their own alcohol (although they disallow any spirits). The concerts are entirely free to enjoy, so just plunk down and enjoy the show!

To satisfy your sweet tooth, you can't go wrong with a trip to one of the West Coast's (and Miami's) best ice cream joints. Renowned for their funky flavor combinations that err on the side of exotic and upscale, Salt and Straw provides some of the best ice creams in the area. Thankfully, there is a location in Lake Oswego right in the heart of downtown! Enjoy their most popular flavors like Pear & Blue Cheese or Marionberry Coconut. Feeling daring? Opt for one of their short-term flavors like Pinot Poached Pear or Spiced Goat Cheese Pumpkin Pie.

The most extensive park system in the city is Waluga Park East and West; with the two sides separated by Waluga Drive in the middle. This is a HUGE park sprawling for many acres, with just the east end having 53 acres of land! You'll find plenty of gorgeous trails to walk down along with a laundry list of facilities. Waluga Park offers visitors access to baseball fields, a playground area, covered shelters with 6 picnic tables and 3 barbeques, the Quarry Bike Skills Park, a fenced dog park, a youth playground, and adult fitness equipment. Bring the whole family and you could easily spend the better part of a day enjoying Waluga Park!

Spend some time on the river with Lake Oswego Rowing! The Lake Oswego Rowing Club is a non-profit rowing club operating right on the Willamette river. They offer youth and adult programs to teach anyone interested in how to row! It is a great communal activity and a surprisingly good workout! Unfortunately, you can't just show up at their boathouse and expect to go out on the water. You will be required to sign-up for a class ahead of time, and they do cost a bit of money. There is also limited availability as they can only accept so many students. Nonetheless, this is a great opportunity and program for anyone interested in rowing or looking for something new to try out!

Technically just outside of Lake Oswego city limits, The Rogerson Clematis Garden is a gorgeous collection of Clematis with over 2,000 individual flowers. This represents the single largest public collection of Clematis in North America. there is no entrance fee and free parking so you won't have to spend anything to enjoy this breathtaking collection. The winding paths cover an acre of land so you can spend plenty of time finding tranquility amongst the variety of Clematis. If you want a peaceful way to spend some of an afternoon, this is a must-do around Lake Oswego.

If you are wanting a cultured evening out, then look no further than the Lakewood Center for the Arts in Lake Oswego. The arts center offers everything from an ever-changing gallery and a dance studio to a second-hand shop and the Children's Art Studio! However, the mainstay of the center is the Lakewood Theater Company. This group puts on plays throughout the year and is immensely popular with a varying 85%-90% sell-out rate! If you are a fan of the arts this may become a frequent stop for you. The shows are typically well received as the theater company has been around in its earliest incarnation since the 1950s.

While there are many day spas in Lake Oswego to choose from, Zen Garden Spa is one of the most well-reviewed in the area. With two locations in Lake Oswego, this is the perfect place to stop by for a little rest and relaxation. They offer Tui Na, hot stone, Swedish, and Thai massages. They also offer hot cupping, acupuncture, and Gua She among other services. They also offer couples massages for those looking to enjoy a bit of pampering with their partner!

Last but certainly not least, it is definitely worth stopping by the Arts Council of Lake Oswego. This non-profit organization is committed to offering quality art to the public. You can enjoy their gallery or enjoy the many public installations that dot the city of Lake Oswego. You can even pick up a walking tour brochure that will give you information and a self-guided tour around the streets; taking in the sites of what they call "art without walls".


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