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Portland Neighborhoods: Forest Park

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

Portland is a city full of distinct neighborhoods that offer their own brand of unique charm. The more time you spend here the more you notice just how different each area of the Rose City truly is, and Forest Park in Northwest Portland is no different. In fact, we've done a whole video on it!

Nature Lovers Rejoice!

Forest Park is a neighborhood that tends to attract a certain type of resident. They love the outdoors almost as much as they love a fresh pair of Chacos. Middle class and quite suburban, they want to live amongst the trees without going too country. Forest Park offers breathtaking scenery at every turn as you are surrounded by the towering evergreens that make the Pacific Northwest gorgeous year-round. The neighborhood even encapsulates a portion of its namesake natural area that boasts over 80 miles of trails. Plenty of space to break in those Chacos! Another upside to living in Forest Park? It'll feel like you are deep in the wilderness despite barely being outside of the city.

Close To Everything

Nestled in Northwest Portland, this neighborhood stretches from around the popular Pittock Mansion all the way to Cornelius Pass Road, covering more than 10 square miles. Residents can make it to Downtown Portland in about 20 minutes when the desire strikes, but Forest Park has plenty to offer much closer to home. A short drive provides access to grocery stores, quaint cafes, and local restaurants. Forest Park provides an escape from the city without any added inconvenience.

Country Living In The City

Anyone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, or knows some of the folks who do, knows that many of us fit a certain stereotype. When you see the average Portlander step out of their Subaru dressed head to toe in Patagonia, Colombia, or Carhartt, it's easy to spot the trend; and Forest Park fits that trend to a tee. The residents are what you might call granola; a little bit of hippie mixed with a little bit of the suburbs. They love the area, we love the area, and you just might love it too!

Interested in real estate in the Forest Park neighborhood? Give us a call and let's find something together!


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